Shuffle Player

What's the point of this app?

The "shuffle" function in Spotify sucks, it just sucks. The playback is not actually random and sometimes it only plays a few albums instead of all the tracks in the playlist. This app tries to solve all of the problems of the shuffle function.


  • A shuffle function that is actually random. This makes it possible that the same track plays two times in a row, but there is absolutely no bias.
  • Shuffle across multiple playlists
  • Create a pre-shuffled playlist to listen to without having this site open

How does it work

This app let's you select one or multiple playlists. When you hit the big shuffle button, it downloads a list of all the tracks in the playlists and starts playing one randomly. NOTE: You need to have a Spotify Connect client (Smartphone, Desktop client, etc.) connected and leave the site open. After the track ends or you hit the shuffle button again, a new track is selected and played.

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