Shuffle Player

What's the point of this app?

The "shuffle" function in Spotify sucks, it just sucks. The playback is not actually random and sometimes it only plays a few albums instead of all the tracks in the playlist. This app tries to solve all of the problems of the shuffle function.


  • A shuffle function that is actually random. There are two modes: random and shuffle.
    • Random plays a completely random selection of songs, so it's possible that the same song is played twice in a row for example.
    • Shuffle mixes all tracks from the selected albums and playlists and plays them out one after the other without duplicates.
  • Shuffle across multiple playlists and albums
  • Create a pre-shuffled playlist to listen to without having this site open
  • Use Spotify controls/media buttons to skip a song

How does it work

This app let's you select one or multiple playlists and albums. When you hit the big shuffle button, it downloads a list of all the tracks in the playlists and starts playing one at random. NOTE: You need to have a Spotify Connect client (Smartphone, Desktop client, etc.) connected and leave the site open. After the track ends or you hit the shuffle button again, a new track is selected and played.

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